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Green Cone Digester

Would you be interested in a

Green Cone Digester?

Local municipalities are considering collaborating on a group order to give our residents the opportunity to purchase a Green Cone Digester for their back yards! If there is enough interest from residents we will organize the purchase and delivery of the cones.



What is a Green Cone Digester?

  • Manages the full spectrum of kitchen waste including meat-scraps,  dairy, oil, seafood scraps and even pet waste
  • Compliments a composter which is best for veggies/fruit/garden waste. Green Cone can handle fruit and veggies very well- it just may reach capacity sooner
  • Doesn’t need stirring or frequent emptying
  • Enclosed and secure: holds in smells
  • Squirrel and Raccoon-proof
  • Uses aerobicdigestion (not smelly) by millions of micro- organisms
  • Removes kitchen waste from landfill and keeps garbage smaller, lighter, drier and smelling better. Can reduce household waste by 25%-40%!
  • No transportation costs/emissions from Municipal truck pickup
  • Delivers compost tea to surrounding soil, flowers, trees and hedges​
  • Can be used in a container (needs drainage)
  • Manufactured from very durable and mostly recycled plastic.


  • Slows down in the winter. Households with a lot of food waste should try to create less! But, may need to use two Green Cones
  • Fruit flies…they sometimes come on fruit from the store. They may get into the Cone but…they will help digest food waste faster!


Cost to purchase through the municipally organized efforts will be approximately $150. Cost will depend on how many pallets are ordered based on demand from residents. The municipalities want to provide this service at their cost to purchase.

If you purchase on the Compostec site the cost would be $145 plus GST and shipping and handling. (Estimated to be roughly $199 CAD).

If you’d be interested in a Green Cone, please contact:

Emily Plihal, Climate Change Coordinator


Phone: 780-837-0563


For additional information on the Green Cone you can visit