Village of Donnelly

Warnings will NO LONGER be issued by Animal Control

Effective immediately, Animal Control will no longer be issuing warnings to the Owner of a Dog or Cat that is deemed to have failed or refused to comply with Bylaw 15-03 (see below).

As per Schedule “B” of Bylaw 15-03, the following fines will be issued without warnings:

  •  Fail to obtain a Dog or Cat Licence – $100.00
  •  Have more than two pets on premises – $200.00
  •  Allow a Dog or Cat to Run at Large = $100.00
  • Allow a Dog or Cat/Domestic Anima to defecate on public/private property = $100.00
  • Permit a Dog or Cat to bark or howl excessively – $200.00
  • Permit a Dog or Cat to be a public nuisance – biting/attempting to bite/chase people – $500.00
  • Negligently allow a Dog or Cat/Domestic  Animal to run at large – $200.00
  • Tease, torment, annoy, harm or willfully neglect a Dog or Cat/Domestic Animal – $400.00
  • Without provocation an animal has bit or attacked persons or other animals – $5000.00


For a complete list of the penalties in Schedule “B” or to review Bylaw 15-03:

Bylaw 15-03 – Control of Dogs & Cats and Domestic Animals including Dangerous or aggressive Dogs & Cats