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Fire Restriction Fact Sheet – June 24 2021

A fire restriction is in effect for the MD of Smoky River, due to forecasted above average temperatures, low humidity and gusty winds.

Under this Restriction:

  • Current permits are suspended, including burn barrels;
  • No new fire permits will be issued until conditions improve.


  • Any burning without a valid fire permit, other than a campfire, is prohibited.


  • Safe wood campfires *
  • Backyard fire pits
  • Portable propane fire pits
  • Gas or propane stoves and barbecues
  • Catalytic or infrared-style heaters

*Safe wood campfires – should be within a metal, brick, or rock fire ring. They are required to:

  • Be on rock, gravel, sand, or another non-combustible surface that extends at least one metre around the fire;
  • Have a responsible person in attendance to keep fire under control at all times and extinguish before leaving;
  • Have on hand enough water on site to extinguish the fire. Safe wood campfires on private lands include private land campgrounds and private land recreation areas; and
  • Municipalities, Parks and protected areas may have additional fire safety requirements.

Never leave a campfire unattended. Soak it, stir it and soak it again until cool to the touch to ensure it is extinguished. If you see a wildfire, report it immediately by calling 310-FIRE.

The fire Restriction will remain in effect until conditions improve.

COVID-19 Vaccine Education and Resources from 19ToZero

19ToZero is a non-profit coalition promoting accurate COVID-19 information to help people make an informed choice about vaccination.

Over the past six months, the 19ToZero team has been reaching out to community groups across Alberta and Canada to provide accurate information around COVID guidelines and vaccines, debunk myths and answer questions. They have a dedicated team of staff, volunteers, medical experts and other professionals that create resources and host presentations to address concerns around COVID-19 and vaccines.

You can visit for more information.

They have also collaborated as co-lead of the This Is Our Shot campaign (




Do you have recyclable materials using valuable space in your home, garage or shed? Get rid of your recyclables at the curb with the blue bag program, or at Grandma’s Den in Falher, McLennan Bottle Depot and Smoky River Regional Landfill.

Please see below what recyclables are accepted at each location.

Blue Bag Program

2021 Blue Bag Recycling Collection Calendar

You can recycle the following items with the Blue Bag Program:

  • Newsprint/Heavy paper: newspaper, magazines, phone books, catalogues, flyers
  • Mixed Paper: office paper, junk mail, shredded paper, etc.
  • Boxboard: cereal boxes, pasta boxes, etc.
  • Containers: clean food cans, beverage containers, hard plastic containers #1-7, deposit items
  • Corrugated cardboard: flattened and folder beneath blue bag. Keep bundle of cardboard to 2 feet by 3 feet in size

When using the Blue Bag Program please remember:

  • Include only those items listed above
  • Rinse all containers
  • All boxes MUST be collapsed
  • If you are unsure if an item is recyclable, please call Prairie Disposal LTD at 780-539-5950 BEFORE placing it at the curb
  • When in doubt – leave it out
  • In the event that any of the guidelines listed are not followed, Prairie Disposal maintains the right to leave items curbside. Those items are left curbside are the responsibility of the home-owner.

Taxes & Assessment


Property Assessment and Tax Notice

An annual combined property assessment and tax notice is mailed out in May. Taxes are due on by July 31st, 2021. The combined tax notice covers the period of January 1st to December 31st.

This notice includes the assessed value of your property, the municipal taxes, the Alberta School Foundation requisition, and the Heart River Housing requisition.

Methods of Payment

The following methods of payment are available:

  • In person – at the Town Office, Tuesday to Thursday 9:00 am – 4:00 pm. Cash or cheque only.
  • By mail – Village of Donnelly, P.O Box 200, Donnelly, AB T0H 1G0
  • Online or telephone banking – at most financial institutions
  • By Financial Institution – payment can be made at ATB Financial or Vision Credit Union
  • By your mortgage company – the property tax notice shows the name of your mortgage company. Your mortgage company will send the payment directly to the Village. If the mortgage company name does not appear on the notice and you believe it should, contact your mortgage company immediately.
  • By pre-authorized payment

Please allow adequate mailing time to avoid late payment penalties. Payments will be considered paid on time if received at the Village Office by 4:00 pm, postmarked by Canada Post, or processed by a financial institution on or before the due date.

Pre-authorized Tax Payment Plan

Pre-authorized tax payment plan is a monthly tax installment plan that allows taxpayers to make consecutive monthly tax payments rather than a single annual payment.

From January to May your monthly payments will be based on the previous year’s levy divided into 12 equal payments. When current taxes are levied in May, your monthly payments will be revised to reflect any changes in your taxes. A notice informing you of the revised monthly amount will be included with your combined property assessment and tax notice.

To enroll in the pre-authorized tax payment plan a pre-authorized tax payment form must be completed and mailed along with a VOID cheque to:

Village of Donnelly
PO Box 200
Donnelly, AB T0H 1G0

Please note that all arrears must be paid in full to qualify for the monthly payment plan.

Tax Deadline

Tax Deadline
Taxes are due by July 31st of each year.

If you are currently on a pre-authorized tax payment plan, your monthly payments will continue, full payment is not required by July 31st.


Your property assessment is based on a number of variables, including lot and home size, market value on July 1st and physical condition on December 31st of the preceding year.

If you have questions or concerns about the assessed value of your property, contact:

Compass Assessment Consultants
10609 – 82 Street
Edmonton, Alberta T6A 3N2
Telephone: 1-800-251-9711

If, after talking to the assessor, you still disagree with the assessed value of your property, you may file a formal written complaint to the Assessment Review Board on or before the final date of complaint as shown on the combined property assessment and tax notice (60 days from the mailing date).

Municipal Affairs information booklets detailing the process are available through Municipal Affairs.

Compliant must be filed using the Government of Alberta Assessment Review Board Complaint Form. If you choose to use an agent, an Agent Authorization Form must also be completed. These forms are also available at the Village Office.

Mail your completed forms and filing fee of $50.00 to:

Clerk of the Assessment Review Board
Village of Donnelly
PO Box 200
Donnelly, AB T0H 1G0

Hierarchy of Plans in Alberta

Hierarchy of Plans in Alberta

Land use planning in Alberta is subject to plans at both the provincial level and the municipal level of government. In addition, with the implementation of the provincial Land Use Framework and the Alberta Land Stewardship Act some planning decisions will be made at the regional level. Above is a diagram outlining the various plans, their hierarchy and their place in the provincial, regional and municipal realms.

Village of Donnelly receives Grant to upgrade lighting at the Sportex

Village of Donnelly receives grant to upgrade lighting at the Sportex


Pictured is Guy-Donnelly Sportex committee member Pauline Therriault under the brand new lights installed above the ice surface.

Village of Donnelly were successful applicants of the Recreation Energy Conservation Funding Program through Municipal Climate Change Action Centre (MCCAC).

The grant funding (totalling $19,971.44) allowed the Guy-Donnelly Sportex to replace old lights throughout the building, retrofitting them to LED fixtures and bulbs. Already members and users of the facility are noticing how much brighter the arena has become as a result of the retrofit.

“These new lights are fabulous. They brighten the building and reduce the energy required to do so. The energy reduction relates to future cost savings for operating,” says Donnelly Mayor Myrna Lanctot. “The Sportex committee and Climate Change Coordinator Emily Plihal deserve a pat on the back for their hard work on achieving this project.”

With installation of new lights throughout the facility, it is expected the Village will reduce their energy use by 37,212 kWh per year translating to an annual cost savings of $8,930.94. These retrofits will significantly reduce their GHG emissions and operating budget.