Village of Donnelly


Smoky River Region Fire/Rescue – Fire Advisory



The MD of Smoky River No. 130


Effective:  August 10, 2017 13:00 hrs.


Wildfire Hazard:  HIGH


Fire Advisory:

At this time the MD of Smoky River has issued a fire advisory. Due to very high hazard conditions NO fire permits will be issued until the current advisory is lifted.

At this time all MD of Smoky River Fire permits are suspended until further notice

Due to the lack of precipitation, cured fuels and forecast for hotter and drier weather in the coming days the MD of Smoky River is putting a Fire Advisory in place effective 1300hrs. August 10 2017.

  • No new fire permits will be issued.
  • Current permits remain valid, however please postpone any non-essential burning and follow the conditions on the permit closely.
  • Safe campfires are allowed.

Please exercise caution when conducting activities in dry cured fuels.

Remember to ensure screens are placed on burning barrels.
ATV engines and exhaust systems can cause wildfires, please ensure that debris is removed from these areas (Knock It Off).

Please make sure your campfire is completely extinguished (Soak It, Stir It, Soak It Again)

If the fire hazard continues to increase, further restrictions may be implemented.

For Information contact:

Marcel R Maure
Regional Fire Chief