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Office COVID-19 Updates

With the Provincial Government’s recent measures and with ongoing conversations with Dr.Hinshaw, the Village of Donnelly office will be undertaking measures to assist with this overall direction. Beginning Tuesday December 15, 2020, our office doors will be closed. We will have someone in the office on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, however the doors will be closed to the public.


During this time we ask that the public make payments through other means such as online or telephone banking, etransfer, cheque by mail, cheque or cash in the dropbox, or in person at your local bank. If you have questions or concerns about any of this please call the Village office.


Since March, we have introduced service options in case our office needed to close again. We now offer emailed utility billings as well as etransfers. Both have been extremely popular options since their rollout. If you acquire assistance getting set up on these options, we are more than happy to help.


Dr.Hinshaw has made it clear that all Albertans need to reduce their contact with others. As such we ask for your help during this unprecedented holiday season.


The current measures will now be in place until we hear other wise from the Government of Alberta and Dr. Hinshaw.

If you have any questions, or need any help, please call: 780-925-3835

Thank you

Hierarchy of Plans in Alberta

Hierarchy of Plans in Alberta

Land use planning in Alberta is subject to plans at both the provincial level and the municipal level of government. In addition, with the implementation of the provincial Land Use Framework and the Alberta Land Stewardship Act some planning decisions will be made at the regional level. Above is a diagram outlining the various plans, their hierarchy and their place in the provincial, regional and municipal realms.

Village of Donnelly receives Grant to upgrade lighting at the Sportex

Village of Donnelly receives grant to upgrade lighting at the Sportex


Pictured is Guy-Donnelly Sportex committee member Pauline Therriault under the brand new lights installed above the ice surface.

Village of Donnelly were successful applicants of the Recreation Energy Conservation Funding Program through Municipal Climate Change Action Centre (MCCAC).

The grant funding (totalling $19,971.44) allowed the Guy-Donnelly Sportex to replace old lights throughout the building, retrofitting them to LED fixtures and bulbs. Already members and users of the facility are noticing how much brighter the arena has become as a result of the retrofit.

“These new lights are fabulous. They brighten the building and reduce the energy required to do so. The energy reduction relates to future cost savings for operating,” says Donnelly Mayor Myrna Lanctot. “The Sportex committee and Climate Change Coordinator Emily Plihal deserve a pat on the back for their hard work on achieving this project.”

With installation of new lights throughout the facility, it is expected the Village will reduce their energy use by 37,212 kWh per year translating to an annual cost savings of $8,930.94. These retrofits will significantly reduce their GHG emissions and operating budget.

FCSS Survey – Community Conversation

Smoky River FCSS would like to partner with the Village of Donnelly to host a “Community Conversation” that allows residents to express their needs for changes to programming and supports as we deal with Covid-19.  One of the harsh realities of Covid-19 is the inability to run programming and provide supports in the same way that we did prior to March of 2020.  Prior to making significant changes we would like community input on where they have been hardest hit, what has been successful for them, and what they need moving forward.  We also hope to use the opportunity to build a network of volunteers interested in assisting their neighbours and communities in successfully navigating continued challenges in the months ahead.

Please complete the survey.


Village of Donnelly receives grant to reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Village of Donnelly receives grant to reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions


Village of Donnelly were successful applicants of the Recreation Energy Conservation Funding Program through Municipal Climate Change Action Centre (MCCAC).

The grant funding (totalling $25,227) allowed the Guy-Donnelly Sportex to install a deaerator designed by REALIce on the facility’s ice making system to help reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.

The REALice water treatment system for arenas eliminates the need for hot water when building and resurfacing ice. The system removes the micro-air bubbles from water without using chemicals, filters or membranes. With the ability to utilize cold water during the process, facilities will notice substantially lower utility costs annually and over the lifetime of the device.

Donnelly’s Climate Change Coordinator Emily Plihal explains the system will help reduce environmental impact and will also help to save money on energy bills.

“The Village councillors and Sportex volunteer board have been looking at ways to reduce operational costs that will also help their facility become more environmentally friendly,” says Plihal. “After installation of the deaerator system it is expected that the facility will notice a GHG emissions reduction of 45 tCO2e per year. Notably this reduces their energy consumption by an expected 43,000 kWh annually, which will save significant amounts of money spent on utilities.”

The device was installed at the arena at the beginning of August and will be utilized when the facility gets ready to open later this fall.

“MCCAC staff members were very helpful in the application process,” says Plihal. “The grants provided by MCCAC allow municipalities to invest in opportunities that they may not otherwise be able to afford. The grants provide the opportunity for municipalities in our province to make changes that help to reduce environmental impact thus mitigating climate change.”


Office Hours

Village of Donnelly Office Hours Updated

Please note the Village of Donnelly office hours have updated.

The Village of Donnelly’s Office hours are every Tuesday & Wednesday 9am – 4pm 

The last business day of the month and the first business day of the month.

Sorry for any inconvenience.